Insulin Pen Needle
Insulin Pen Needle
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  • International standard luer lock connector is easy and safe for operation.

  • Triple sharpened needle.

  • Thin wall technology ensures optimal insulin flow.

  • Premium needle quality and silicon-coated to ease skin penetration and minimize pain.

  • Cartridge tip is anti-friction treated for easy, fragment-free cartridge puncture, preventing insulin contamination.

  • Compatible with all pen injectors.

  • NovoPen 4®

  • NovoPen 3®

  • NovoPen Junior®

  • NovoRapidFlexpen®

  • BD:Puregon Pen®

  • Sanofi: Aventis Lantus®

  • Sanofi: Optipen Pro 1®

  • Sanofi: TactiPen®

  • Owen Mumford: AutoPen®

  • Owen Mumford: AutoPen 2®

  • Lily: HumaPen®


Extra short needle length 5mm, 38% shorter than 8mm needle to guarantee the sufficient of insulin delivery and greater injection comfort.

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