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Syringe And Needle

Auto-Disable Syringe For Fixed-Dose Immunization

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It is mostly used for WHO or UN aid project, the plunger of syringe was locked to prevent the reuse, help eliminate touch contamination.

Product Feature:
  • In all cases, once the auto-disable feature has been activated, It was not possible to re-use the syringe.

  • It was impossible to override the auto-disable feature when tested in accordance with the test method of ISO7886-3 Annex C.

  • If an integrated needle is used, it shall become an integral part of the syringe and can not be detached.

  •  The auto-disable feature is automatically and remains effective from the point when 50% of the intended fixed dose has been delivered.

  • Invention patented.

Type 1
Type 1, With integrated needle
p 21 auto disable syringe.jpg
Type 2
Product Feature:
  • Syringe with non-integrated needle shall have a minimum needle unicon force applied as push or pull in the direction of the needle axis in accordance with ISO7864:1993

  • The auto-disable feature is automatically activated on completion of the delivery of the intended fixed dose.

Type 2, With non-integrated needle
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