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Anesthesia & Pain Management

Anesthesia Kit

Single-use anesthesia set is clinically used for epidural or spinal anesthesia during puncture and drug injection. This product can only be for single-use, in order to avoid cross-infection. It contains the unique components needed to perform anesthesia operation.

  • Epidural needle, Size: 15G,16G,17G,18G. Length: 80mm, 90mm.

  • Spinal needle, Type: Quincke tip & pencil piont, Size: 18G,19G,20G,21G,22G,23G,24G,25G,26G,27G. Length: 38mm--150mm.

  • Epidural catheter, Size: OD:φ1.0, OD:φ0.8, Length: 850mm.

  • Epidural filter: 0.22μm with hydrophobic membrane luer lock.

  • LOR syringe: 5ml, 7ml, 10ml.

  • Catheter adaptor: TBA, secure the catheter completely.

  • Epidural kit, spinal kit and combined kit available.

  • Catheter with /without metal wire available.

  • Precision filter 0.2-5µm available.

  • Double layer UV filter 0.2-5µm are available.

  • Any customization components

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