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Infusion Therapy

Infusion Set

Delivering solutions in IV therapy for improved patient care.

  • Sharp spike is easy to puncture.

  • The ISO standard spike can fit with any infusion bottles and bags.

  • Soft and transparent chamber is easy to press and adjust solution.

  •  Antibacterial air-inlet.

P 44 IVS05-1.jpg

Big chamber with air vent, filter, needleless Y site, Adelberg flow regulator, 1.8m tube, luer lock with cap

Product Features:
P 44 IVS01.jpg

Big amber-colored drip chamber with air vent, ABS Adelberg flow regulator, amber-colored tube 1.5m, luer lock with needle.

p 44.jpg

· Small drip chamber with air vent, Y site,1.5m tube, luer slip without needle

p 44.jpg

Winged spike, medium drip chamber with air vent, 10drops, filter, ABS Adelberg flow regulator, Y injection port, 1.8m tube, luer lock without needle.

P 44 IVS04.jpg

Medium drip chamber without air vent, 60 drops, filter, Y injection port, 1.8m tube, luer slip without needle.

Infusion Set Components

We offer a wide variety of IV accessories to meet the needs of current practice

P 45 regulator 调节器-新_edited.png
Flow Regulators
  • Small flow regulator, Medium flow regulator, ABS Adelberg flow regulator, Protective flow regulator, Accurate flow regulator rate of 5mL/hr to a maximum of 300mL/hr.

  • Straight tube and injection bulb available

  • Connect between tubing and luer connector

  • Fits 4.1mm OD tubing

  • Material: Latex and latex free available

Injection Ports
P 45 Transfer set-xin_edited.png
Transfer Sets
  • This transfer set is equipped with two transfer spikes and a handy grip plate. This allows for easy handling of the transfer set. The transfer set is also designed for use in transferring sterile liquids as well as mixing drugs with solutions.

  • Fits into rubber stoppers and bag set ports

  • Allows easy flow even with non-evacuated glass vials

  • Provides secure connection of two containers

  • Equipped with thin puncture spikes and an ergonomically shaped handle plate

  • Whole length: 8cm

  • Length of transfer spikes: 3.5 cm

  • Diameter of spike: OD5.2mm

  • Material: ABS

  • Luer slip, material: ABS

  • Luer lock, material: ABS

  • Rotating luer lock, material: ABS

  • Connector cap, material: PE

  • Vented cap, material: PE

  • Fits 4.1mm OD tubing

Group 29.png
Y Injection Ports
  • Latex and latex free Y injection port available

  • Needless injection port available

  • interpolation and extrapolation type available

  • Length 3cm and 4cm available

  • Fits 4.1mm OD tubing

  • Material: latex free and transparent ABS

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