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Product use

Delivering solutions in IV therapy for improved patient care.



  • A sharp spike is easy to puncture

  • The ISO standard spike can fit with any infusion bottles and bags

  • A soft and transparent chamber is easy to press and adjust the solution

  • Antibacterial air-inlet

IVS01: Big amber-colored drip chamber with air vent, ABS Adelberg flow regulator, amber-colored tube 1.5m, luer lock with the needle.


IVS02: Small drip chamber with air vent,  1.5m tube, luer slip


IVS03: Winged spike, medium drip chamber with air vent, filter, ABS Adelberg flow regulator, Y injection port, 1.8m tube, luer lock without needle


IVS04: Medium drip chamber without air vent, 60 drops, filter, Y injection port, 1.8m tube, luer slip without needle,


IVS05: Big chamber with air vent, filter, needless Y injection site, Adelberg flow regulator, 1.8m tube, luer lock with cap.

We offer a wide variety of IV accessories to meet the needs of current practice


  • Small drip chamber 14.3*50mm, medium drip chamber15.50*54mm, big drip chamber 17.20*61mm.

  • With air vent, without air vent.

  • Transfer set.

  • 15drops, 20drops, 60 drops/ml.

  • With filter or without the filter.

  • Small flow regulator, Medium flow regulator, ABS Adelberg flow regulator.

  • Accurate flow regulator rate of 5mL/hr to a maximum of 300mL/hr.

  • Latex straight tube, injection bulb, Y injection port.

  • Latex-free straight tube, injection bulb, Y injection port.

  • Needless Y injection port, Needle-free injection cap.

  • Luer slip, luer lock connector.

  • Red cap, blue cap, white cap.

  • PVC tube length 1.3m to 2m or any required length.

  • PVC tube DEHP FREE.

  • Non-PVC tube.

  • Customization mold construction for any kind of component.


Infusion set components

  • Spike with drip chambers

  • Flow regulators

  • Injection ports

  • Transfer sets

  • Y Injection ports

  • Connectors

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