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Diabetes Care

Insulin Pen Needle

Product Features:

  • Extremely fine three-facet grinding minimizes tissue trauma

  • Special silicone finish for smooth gliding and virtually pain-free penetration of skin and tissue

  • Extra-thin-wall technology allows for a larger inner diameter and an optimized Insulin flow; less force is required and injection time is reduced
    Compatible with all major pen devices available on the market

p 26 insulin pen needle.jpg

Safety Insulin Pen Needle

p 26 safety insulin pen needle.jpg


  • Automatically achieve the function of protecting needle tip after use. · Easy self-disable set

  • Easy to see the droplets

  • Compatible with all pen injectors


Safety design and easy for using

The strength design in needle set make it more convenient and safe to use

High compatibility and cover almost all branches

The product has high compatibility. The standard design of internal threaded ensure it can stably match all branches insulin pen.

Best penetration make injection more comfortable

Insulin pen needle has a series of advanced and mature needle tip technique and silication technique. The sharp needle tip make puncture more easily and let patients feel more comfortable during injection.

P   27.jpg
P 27.jpg

NovoPen® 4



NovoPen® 3



NovoPen® Junior 0

NovoRapid® Flexpen ®

BD: Puregon Pen

Sanofi: Aventis Lantus


Sanofi: OptiPen®


Sanofi: TactiPen®

Owen Mumford: AutoPen®

 BD: Puregon Pen 2 ®

Lily: HumaPen®


Lily: HumaPen®


Wanbang: Wangbang Pen 2

Tong hua dong bao: Doing Bao Pen®

Tong hua dong bao: Gansulin Pen®

The screw thread design of insulin pen needle meets the standard regulated by ISO11608-2 which is compatible with other standard ones domestically produced or imported.

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