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Transfusion Therapy

Cord Blood Bag

It is designed to collect the umbilical cord blood (also known as placental blood) after the birth of the baby, within the shortest time and minimal risk of contamination. The clinical use of the cord blood is allergenic transplantation in patients suffering from severe blood diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, etc.

Sharp spike is easy to puncture.

Plastic spike/metallic spike available.

Vented with hydrophobic bacterial filter.

The ISO standard spike can fit with any blood bags.

Soft and transparent chamber.

Extra soft & kink resistant tubes.

Acute roller clamp.

With 200micron filtration.

Latex free.

Straight and Y type are available.

DEHP free tube is available.


Product Features:
  • Used for collecting the umbilical cord blood after the birth of the baby.

  • Anticoagulation in primary bag: CPD

  • Available bag size: 250mL /350mL /Customized

  • Available needle size: 14G and 16G

  • Sampling device (Optional)

  • Safety needle protector (Optional)

  • Customized accessories


Sample device & Safety needle protector

  • Closed system & reusable pre-donation sampling device with vacuum tube.

  • Safety needle protector enhances safety against the accidental needle stick injury that can

  • transmit HIV, Hepatitis B and C and other blood borne diseases.

Product Features:
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