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Product use
It is compatible with all syringes in the clinical injection of liquid medicine, is easy to use, and helps eliminate accidental needlestick injury.


  • It is compatible with all standard syringes with Luer lock or Luer slip tip.

  • Optimum visualization of the injection site.

  • After the injection, with only one hand activation, the needle was covered completely which can immediately achieve the purpose of protection.

  • Special safety lock on needle hub, triple safety mechanism to guarantee 100% safe protection.

  • Effective function and simple design can reduce the cost of safety injection.

  • Easy and quick identification of the needle gauge by ISO colorful coded.

  • A wide range of sizes is available.


Type 1 

  • Latest innovative design with special safety shield.

  • Protection to healthcare worker during transporting device and after use.

  • Give much easy operation to nurses.

  • Safely locked by a slight pushing up.

  • Compatible with all kinds of syringes.

Type 2 

Using Steps

  1. Assemble the safety needle on the luer tip of sterilized syringe,until the safety protector  covers the needle completely.

  2. Open the safety protector, which will open automatically under the elastic force.

  3. Aspirate the medication.

  4. After injection, apply a force on the safety protector by one hand hand until the safety protector covers the needle completely.

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