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Oncology Infusion Set

Central Venous Catheter

Central venous catheter (CVC) is a long, flexible tube inserts into a vein in neck, chest, arm or groin. It leads to vena cava, a large vein that empties into heart. Central venous catheter helps to receive drugs, fluids or blood for emergency or long-term treatment. It also helps with blood draws.

Standard Kit



Injection Cap

Faster Catheter Clamp

Guided Wire With Advancer

5ml Guide Wire Introduction Syringe

Introduction Needle

Vessel Dilator

Injection Needle

Central Venous Catheter

Soft Tip,Standard Side Hole,2个配字同一张图,自己截

Standard Side Hole Soft tip reduces trauma to vessel, minimizing vessel erosion, hemothorax and cardiac tamponade.

Standard Kit includes:
  • Central venous catheter, Single/Double/Triple/ Quadruple lumen

  • Guide wire with advancer

  • Vessel dilator

  • Clamp

  • Fastener catheter clamp

  • Introducer needle

  • Guide wire introduction syringe ·

  • Injection needle

  • Injection cap

Luxury Kit

Surgical Glove


Sterile Brush

Surgery Towel

Surgical Pledget

Suture of Needle

Wound Dressing

5ml Syringe

Central Venous Cather

Gauze Pad

Luxury Kit includes(optional):
  • Central venous catheter, Standard Kit Accessories

  • 5ml syringe

  • Surgical glove 

  • Surgical pledget

  • Surgery sheet

  • Surgery towel 

  • Sterile brush 

  • Gauze pad 

  • Suture of needle 

  • Wound dressing 

  • Scalpel


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