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Syringe And Needle

Safety Needle

It is compatible with all syringes in clinical injection of liquid medicine, easy to use, help eliminate accidental needle stick injury

  • It is compatible with all standard syringes with luer lock or luer slip tip.

  • Optimum visualization of injection site.

  • After the injection, only one hand activation, the needle was covered completely which can immediately achieve the purpose of protection.

  • Special safety lock on needle hub, triple safety mechanism to guarantee 100% safe protection.

  • Effective function and simple design can reduce the cost of safety injection.

  • Easy and quick identification of the needle gauge by ISO colorful coded.

  • A wide range of sizes are available.

p 18 sagey needle_edited.png
P 16 BEFORE USE_edited.png

Before use

P 16 AFTER USE_edited.png

After use

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