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Contract Manufacturing


Injection & Molding

Contract manufacturing frees up your resources to stay focused on your core strengths in marketing and sales. With more than 35 years of manufacturing experience in medical device products, from concept to completion, we’re well qualified to be your outsourcing manufacturing partner.

Our skills and ISO 13485-certified, FDA cGMP compliant facilities would fully support a wide range of Class I and Class II medical products of FDA cleared, CE, and ISO certification manufacturing. 

In our state-of-the-art facilities, you will find a full range of engineering expertise, innovative product research and development, proven production processes, strict quality assurance and control, and first-class value-added services for our customers both domestic and international.

We can partner with you in providing cost competitive:

⦁    Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)
⦁    Original Design Manufacturer (ODM )
⦁    Private Label Product, Custom Packaging
⦁    Component, Subassembly Manufacturing
⦁    Kitting Operations
⦁    Specialty Product Configurations
⦁    Contingency Support as Secondary Supplier
⦁    More ......

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