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Product use

Subdural, lower thorax and lumbar spinal puncture.



  • Full sizes of anesthesia needles.

  • Identified as spinal needle bevel quincke tip, pencil point tip and epidural needle.

  • 304 stainless steel needle tubes and stylets.

  • International colour coding.

  • With mounted introducer needle.

  • Luer lock hub.

1) Trauma-free QUINCKE short tip to ensure immediate injection point closure and reduced CSF loss.

2) Differentiated angle coupling of needle and obturator tip to avoid production and movement of tissue fragments, improving operator sensitivity.

1) With no sharp edges separates fibers without slicing.

2) The lateral hole shape and its position relative to the tip favour rapid CSF reflux and effective analgesic administration.

3) Reduce the risk of saddle block.

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