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KBMED's Oral Syringe in Hong Kong

KBMED's Oral Syringe in Hong Kong

KB's oral syringes continue to achieve sales growth

KBMED's oral syringe products continue to achieve sales growth in the Hong Kong retail market. The Hong Kong OTC market is dominated by several chain drugstores, and there are numerous widely distributed small pharmacy chains, making it popular among the public. Meanwhile,the growth of e-commerce and online retail was impacting the distribution of oral syringes. Many consumers were purchasing healthcare products, including oral syringes, through online channels. In the demand for oral medication administration, there is a higher demand for 5ML and 10ML syringes, with 10ML syringes constituting over 60% of the market capacity.

Trends in the Ora Syringe Market

  • Increased Demand for Precision Dosing: There was a growing demand for oral syringes that offer precise dosing capabilities, especially for pediatric and elderly patients. Accurate dosing is critical for ensuring patient safety and medication efficacy.

  • Focus on Safety and Compliance: Regulatory authorities in many regions were emphasizing safety and compliance with guidelines for oral syringe design and labeling. Manufacturers were developing syringes with safety features to prevent accidental spillage or misuse.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials: Environmentally friendly materials and sustainable packaging were becoming more popular in response to increasing environmental concerns. Manufacturers were exploring recyclable and biodegradable materials.

  • Innovation in Design: Syringe design innovations were ongoing, with some companies creating user-friendly features, such as ergonomic grips, clear and easy-to-read volume markings, and specialized tips for easy administration.

  • Digital Integration: Some oral syringe manufacturers were considering or implementing digital technology integration. This could include features like Bluetooth connectivity for data tracking or smart caps that remind patients when to take their medication.

  • Customization: Manufacturers were increasingly offering customization options, allowing healthcare providers or pharmaceutical companies to have syringes designed with specific labeling or branding for their products.

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