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Elevate Lab Practices with Blood Collection Needles

Updated: Feb 23

Even in the post-epidemic era, the sales and market demand for KB's safe blood collection needle series and related products have maintained strong growth. We are honored to be a part of your mission to provide high-quality healthcare services. Our specimen collection products have emerged as trusted solutions, playing a pivotal role in mitigating supply chain shortages experienced by laboratories and clinics.


KBMED safety blood collection needle is simple and easy to use. The safety mechanism can be activated immediately after the blood draw, helping to protect you against needlestick injury. It is also offered with a pre-attached holder for added convenience and to help meet OSHA single-use holder standards.


Expanding Our Reach Across Key States Across the USA "We are delighted to report that KBMED Safety Needle Holders, Safety Butterfly Needles, and Multi-sample Needles have recently found their way into more major laboratories and clinics. These institutions are in the key states of California, Michigan, Illinois, and Florida. Furthermore, two leading procedure kit manufacturers have chosen KBMED as their long-term and reliable supplier, incorporating our Safety Butterfly Needle with Holder in their customized kits." Petty. P, Project Manager of KB Medical. Resounding Welcome in American and Caribbean Regions "Our Safety Multi-sample Needles and Butterfly Needles have been met with open arms in the main laboratories of the American and Caribbean Regions. This warm reception is a testament to the excellent reputation they have earned in labs," added Panda. W, Manager of KB Medical.


KBMED Safety Needle Holder is applied in the clinical venous sampling, which is achieved by blood collection needles to secure the operators


The market growth prospects of blood collection needles and related products remain positive, driven by the increasing demand for healthcare services and the ongoing innovation in product design and safety features. Blood collection needles and related products are essential components of the healthcare industry. These products are critical for various medical procedures, including blood tests, transfusions, and other diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. The market encompasses many products, including blood collection needles, lancets, blood collection sets, needles and sharps containers, tubes, accessories, etc., and technologies. It plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of patients.

Innovation at the Heart of Our Mission At KB Medical Group, innovation is our driving force. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of Specimen Collection Therapy solutions, including Safety and Non-safety Blood Collection Needles, Safety and Non-safety Needle Holders, Vacuum Urine Transfer Devices and Tubes, Sharp Containers, and various other relevant accessories. Our unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that you have access to cutting-edge tools that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your laboratory operations.



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