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Upcoming Stock_ENFit Feeding Bags



Our new stock of ENFit feeding bags (gravity) in KB's LA warehouses:

ENF02G-1000R & ENF02G-1000L

Manufacturer-Direct Pricing

Feeding bag (1000/1200/1500ml ).

PVC tube 1.73m /2.28m / customized.

Regulator with wheel. Drip chamber.

 Y connector with cap.

ENFit® lock female connector with cap.

Patient label.

Silicon insert( optional ) 11cm / 13cm / customized


ENFit® connector sets are compliant with the ISO 80369-3 to help reduce the risk of misconnections.

Patient label provides convenient patient documentation.

Latex-free and DEHP-free

EVA material available

 Advantages of EVA material

Ensure absolute Non-DEHP, Non-TOTM, Non-DOA or any other plasticizer.

Ensure absolute non risk of toxicity.

Ensure the maximum safety for enteral feeding technology.

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