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KBMED Expands Production for Blood Collection Needles to Meet High Demand

Thank you for joining us for our latest newsletter. We're thrilled to share that KBMED is expanding production capacity and streamlining logistics by utilizing air express delivery for our blood collection needle products. This move comes in response to the high demand from our laboratory clients across the United States.


"Among these products, KBMED's regular pen-type blood collection needles (TYPE 2) have also been in strong demand due to their exceptional cost performance. Additionally, KBMED's safety needle holder SNH02 is the perfect complementary product for our regular blood collection needles (BCN TYPE 2, illustrated below ) and is fully compatible with top brands worldwide," says Panda W, Manager at KBMED.

"Our team has been working tirelessly to expedite deliveries directly from our factory to our inventory centers in California. This strategic move will help replenish and increase our rapidly depleting stock and address the urgent needs of our customers," she added.


It is also offered with a pre-attached holder for added convenience and to help meet OSHA single-use holder standards.


At KBMED, we are committed to providing the best possible service and ensuring that our customers have access to the high-quality products they need when they need them. We are grateful for your continued trust and support as we navigate these challenging times together.

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