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KBMED's Transfusion Therapy Products Now Available in Middle East

Updated: Oct 31

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! KB Medical is proud to announce that our cutting-edge transfusion therapy products (blood bags, blood administration sets ,etc.)have made their debut in the Lebanese market, marking a significant milestone for our company and a major advancement in healthcare in the Middle East region. This significant achievement has been made possible through the unwavering dedication and remarkable efforts of one of our own - Petty P, our Regional Manager.


KBMED Complete Range Of Safety Way To Collect, Preserve, Filtration And Administration For Human Blood And Blood Components


Unveiling Our Transfusion Therapy Products KB Medical Group Inc. is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of medical products(blood bags, blood administration sets,etc.). Our transfusion therapy products have been developed with the utmost precision, designed to meet the highest industry standards, and are now available to healthcare providers and patients across Lebanon.


Partnerships for a Healthier Lebanon

We are excited to partner with healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinics across Lebanon to ensure that our high-quality transfusion therapy products reach those who need them the most. Our aim is to contribute to improved patient care and better outcomes for healthcare providers.

Our Commitment to the Middle East Region

KB Medical Group Inc. is not only dedicated to delivering exceptional products but also to supporting the healthcare community in the Middle East Region. We are committed to ongoing collaboration, education, and innovation in transfusion therapy to elevate the standard of care in the region.


KB Blood Bags Features

  • Our blood bag could not only guarantee high quality of the blood components but also to provide maximum safety during blood donation and sample collection.

  • The safety needle shield enhances safety against accidental needle stick

  • injury that can transmit HIV, Hepatitis B and C and other blood borne diseases.

  • Closed system & reusable blood sampling with vacuum tube.

  • Label material with pre-cutting line and could not be tear integrated.


Transfusion Therapy | KB Med Group Complete Range Of The Diabetes Needles And The Innovative Safety Insulin Syringe Offers Comfort And Easy Insulin Therapy Injection, Also Help Eliminate Accidental Needle Stick Injury

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