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Business Update in Caribbean Region

Updated: Feb 23

KB Medical's Successful Expansion into the Dominican Republic Market!

September 2023, We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – KB Medical Group Inc. has secured a significant contract to introduce our cutting-edge needleless extension tube and needle-free system products to the vibrant healthcare market of the Dominican Republic.


A needleless extension tube, also known as a needle-free connector or valve, is a medical device used in healthcare settings to provide a secure and safe way to access intravenous (IV) lines or catheters without the use of a needle. It's designed to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers and minimize the potential for contamination.


As we confidently step into the second quarter of 2023, we are delighted to share our recent achievements and exciting developments. At KB Medical Group Inc., our dedication to innovation, excellence, and expanding our global footprint continues to drive us forward.

Continued success in the European market; Soaring in Caribbean Regions and South American markets

In addition to our success in Europe, we are thrilled to reveal that our progress in other markets has exceeded our expectations. The highlight of our recent accomplishments is awarding a significant contract, introducing KB Medical Group's needleless extension tubes and needle-free system products to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Region. The country is now poised to benefit from our cutting-edge medical solutions.

We extend our most profound appreciation to our dedicated business development teams. A special mention goes to Panda P., our American Region Manager, whose leadership played a pivotal role in this achievement.


The market for needleless extension tubes and needle-free system products was showing growth. 

Due to the increasing emphasis on patient safety, infection prevention, and healthcare worker protection. These products gained traction in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care centers, and home healthcare.


A decade of excellence: KB Medical's Needle-Free Systems

Over the past ten years, KB Medical Group has consistently focused on developing a range of Needle-Free systems. Our commitment to innovation has been met with enthusiastic responses, particularly in the South American market. Countries such as Colombia, Chile, and Brazil have embraced our solutions, recognizing their potential to reshape medical practices and patient care.

Our product lineup stands as a testament to our dedication. From needleless extension tubes to an array of needleless connectors – negative, neutral, and positive – our offerings are designed to cater to diverse medical needs, including mini-spikes with precise filters and mini-spikes without filters, reflecting our commitment to adaptability and flexibility.


A needle-free system refers to a collection of medical devices and technologies designed to perform various medical procedures, administer medications, and access veins or other bodily systems without using traditional needles. These systems are intended to reduce the discomfort, risks, and complications associated with needle use, such as needlestick injuries, infections, and patient anxiety.


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