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Innovative Solution: Luer-Lock Blood Collection Needle

Updated: Jun 17

We hope everyone's week is off to a great start. We are delighted to share some exciting news regarding our product development. We have always pursued a market-oriented approach, and in alignment with this commitment, we have been diligently working on developing the blood collection needle with Luer Lock connection in response to a request from a renowned medical consumables supplier in FL, United States.


"Over the past few years, our R&D department has dedicated extensive efforts to perfecting the blood collection needle with the Luer Lock connection, significantly enhancing the reliability of the connection between the needle and the hubs of catheters or syringes while addressing concerns associated with the Luer Slip connection commonly used in the market," stated Jeffrey. F, director of R&D Department at KBMED.

"The Luer Lock connection ensures correct connections even in complex working environments. It has a threaded tip that securely locks the needle or other medical attachments to ensure a leak-proof, tighter connection than Luer Slip. The threaded design prevents accidental detachment during medical procedures, ensuring safety and minimizing the risk of contamination, providing healthcare professionals with added

convenience and peace of mind." continued Jeffrey. F.

ISO 80369 standards have been developed to prevent misconnection between small-bore connectors in different applications. ISO 80369-7 Connectors for Intravascular (IV) or Hypodermic Applications applies to Luer connectors and is a new medical small-bore connector standard intended to reduce this risk.


"Recently, KBMED's new blood collection needle and relevant products with Luer Lock connection have been successfully launched and are now available in the market. Furthermore, we have entered into long-term cooperation agreements with multiple customers. " Petty, KBMED's manager.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support and trust in KBMED. Stay tuned for more updates on our latest product research developments and partnerships.


Easy and reliable attachment of the blood collection needle to the collection set, enhances the efficiency and safety of the blood drawing process.


The safety mechanism can be activated immediately after the blood draw, helping to protect you against needlestick injury.


Blood transfer holder is used for needleless specimen transfer from a syringe to an evacuated tube or blood culture bottle.


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