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Improving Patient Safety: Preventing Tubing Misconnections – ENFit®

Updated: Feb 23

News from GEDSA, a recent survey conducted by Clinical Solutions, Spend Management- Contracting Center of Excellence between May 9 to July 31, 2023, assessed the adoption and conversion of ENFit® enteral feeding products and accessories, developed to prevent tubing misconnections leading to severe patient injury, and in some cases, causing death. The results indicated that among Vizient members who responded (n=293), 59.4 percent have completed the conversion from legacy enteral feeding products to ENFit® enteral feeding products, 18.1 percent are currently in the process of converting, 11.9 percent reported they have not converted, and 10.6 percent responded they were unsure whether their institution had converted to ENFit®. Among respondents who have not converted (n=35), 3.1 percent intend to convert within the next 1-5 months, 25 percent within 6-12 months, and 21.9 percent expect to convert after 12 months. Notably, of the respondents who have not converted (n=35), 50 percent have no plans to convert. Refer to the graph below for a summary of ENFit® conversion rates among Vizient members who responded to the 2023 survey.

For ENFit® U.S. Conversion Rates among top hospitals, visit

The survey provided valuable insights on barriers and challenges to conversion faced by providers, clinicians, and administrators among those who have either successfully converted or are in the process of converting (n=254).

45.7 percent of respondents expressed challenges associated with internal practices and procedures

27.2 percent indicated issues about supply and supply availability

13 percent reported encountering challenges associated with a lack of regulatory mandates and reimbursement

8.3 percent of those who have converted responded to the survey indicated no challenges or issues during the ENFit® conversion process

5.9 percent offered non-categorizable comments without accompanying explanation or context.


ENFit US Conversion Progress

Based on Q1 2022 GEDSA member reports, top-rated hospitals (Among U.S. News & World Report's Best Ranked U.S. Hospitals) are leading the way in patient safety by establishing ENFit as the best practice.

Benefits of ISO Standardization to the ENFit® Enteral Feeding Connector.  ( sources from GEDSA)


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