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Customers Audited Production Center

This is one of KBMED's long-time partners, who has been procuring KBMED's medical disposable syringes and infusion sets for years. Both parties are filled with confidence in securing this significant contract once again. 

Please feel free to reach out for any inquiries regarding syringe and needle projects with KB Medical. For your reference, we have attached audit photos and videos of our manufacturing site.


Having commenced syringe and needle production in 1986, we proudly carry a 38-year legacy in the industry. Our capabilities extend to supplying both our esteemed KBMED brand and OEM brand products.


In our state-of-the-art facilities, you will find a full range of engineering expertise, innovative product research and development, proven production processes, strict quality assurance and control, and first-class value-added services for our customers both domestic and international >>>

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