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Safety Syringe

Extracts the recombinant novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, and inject the vaccine into a recipient, help eliminate accidental needle stick injury. 


Product Features

  • Available with and without needle. Compatible with all standard hypodermic needles.

  • Convenient to use, safety mechanism will be activated when the intended dose is delivered.

  • Pull back the plunger after injection, the locking ring secures the needle in the barrel of the Syringe preventing the reuse of syringes.

  • Special design can prevent the needle from getting back into the barrel occasionally.

  • No gap design guarantees the complete injection without dead space.

  • Exchangeable needles allow clinician to change needle after extract of medication.

  • Visual confirmation of safety activation.



Using step: 

  • Take off the needle protector.

  • Extract the medication .

  • The safety medication is automatically activated.

  • After injection, pull back the plunger to the locking ring.

  • Break the plunger.

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