Product use:

Fixing IV catheter, PICC and CVC catheter

Apply for friction skin or wet skin, such as skin care after tracheal incision

Apply for slight bruise, cut, suturing wound. etc. as a secondary fixation.


Features :

  • High permeability, avoid causing maceration to the skin

  • Prevent bacteria invasion, diminish the risk of infection

  • Waterproof, patient can take shower or bath.

  • Transparent, wound situation could be observed anytime.

  • Soft and comfortable, suit for different body parts, hypoallergenic.

  • Strong viscosity, could keep on skin for 7days.

  • Safe and convenient, the design of dressing make it easy operation

  • Various sizes and styles, including paper frame IV dressing, new Utility style, hydrocolloid IV dressing, high-permeable grid-coating transparent dressing, PE foam frame IV dressing, non-woven IV dressing, and could fit to different clinical needs.

  • Easy to use, could prevent wrinkling of dressings (absorbent pad could add to the dressing based on customer’s requirements.

  • Super absorbency, can prevent maceration.

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