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Product use
Needle-free system offer a safe way to access IV lines without the use of a needle, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries. 


  • Needle-free system that utilizes split septum technology  similar to that of a conventional needle system.

  • A blunt plastic cannula replaces the standard needle, to provide needle-free safety while requiring little or no change in existing protocol or IV procedures.

  • Designed to eliminate accidental needle stick. 

  • Provides a swabbable injection site that is a closed system, accessed by inserting a cannula.

  • Designed to ensure a safe, secure connection with Clip Lock cannula.

  • Compatible with IV fluids, including blood and lipids.

  • Visually inspect — with a clear outer housing that allowsvisible flush confirmation, and an open fluid path that hasno fluid entrapment areas 

  • Clean — its smooth access surface facilitates effective cleaning and disinfection

  • Connect — minimal connection force is needed, allowing quick, effortless access and easy syringe connection 

  • We offer a variety of needleless connector devices to meet the desired need of individual facilities. 

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