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Safety Medical Products for Needle Stick Prevention

Although the Needle Stick Safety and Prevention Act was signed into legislation in the United States in 2000, there still remains much to be done to protect health care workers against sharps injuries that potentially expose them to deadly blood borne pathogens. According to recent research, (2011 Healthcare Worker Risks from Short Peripheral Catheter Insertion), percutaneous injuries to healthcare workers from a sharps device are four times more likely to occur than mucocutaneous exposure and pose a greater threat to disease transmission. Also, according to the 2008 Study of Nurses Views on Workplace Safety and Needle Stick Injuries, nearly two-thirds of US nurses say needle stick injuries and blood borne infections remain major concerned.


In order to protect health care workers against sharps injuries, KB Medical Group is committed to address these issues by providing the most effective safety-engineered therapy devices for optimum safety in the hospitals.

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