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1, Safety box for the disposal of used sharps


Product use
It could contain used contaminated sharps (including syringe, needles, phlebotomy devices, suture  needles, IV insert needles, butterflies, lancets, scalpels) safely and efficiently, until safe disposal or recycling: 
-At the point of use
-During temporary storage
-During handling and transport to the point of treatment and final disposal

1, Exactly meet the requirements of WHO/PQS/E10/SB01.1.
2, Resistance average force of penetration more than 15N from each position. 
3, Resistance damage during 100 drops from height of 0.8m.
4, Resistance  temperatures of up to 170℃ periods up to 30minutes.
5, Resistance to 48 hours at 43℃ and 90% relative humidity in 5mm of water。
6, Could be supplied flat-packed to minimize shipping and storage volume.
7, Clearly marked with international bio-hazard warning. 
8, Could be carried in one hand without spillage of contents and without risk of needle stick injury.
9, The Bio-degradable cardboard recycled material is used. 
10, Non-toxic inks, glues and dyes. 
11, Clear pictorial instructions without writing.
12, Chinese Invention patented. 


Unbleached sulphate board, or non-chlorine bleached white, or yellow

2, Sharp container

Product use

The waste containers used for disposal of hospital waste, it is characterized by an elevated level of safety and reliability. The material used for production guarantee the solidity, the hermetic closure, and the high resistance to shock and puncture. The containers are equipped with disposable lids.


Complete specification: 












3, Ultimate sharps safety stations (needle counter)

Product use
It is used for needle or sutures counting in the operation room, dangerous sticks fromuncounted needles. Can be safely avoided from the needle stick injury.


1, We offer a wide selection of counting and disposal systems that utilize foam block, foam strip, adhesive or magnetic retention.

2, Each system is housed in a flexible, impact-resistant plastic box that provide protection while minimizing unnecessary handling.
3,We have USA PETENT for needle counter with more safety and function, exclusive authorized manufacturer in China.
4, PCT with a priority date was already initiated.
5, Detachable halves allow the same needle counter to be used in two separate areas.
6, 2 universal needle safety holding device enable to hold either disposable syringe or scalpel.
7, Surgical blade safety removal device with a protection wall to protect the jumping of blades.
8, A needle sheathing safety device to help user’s hand free and clear of the needle.
9, The safety lock device guarantees the needle or blade will not slip from the gap of needle counter.
10, The combination of latch and hinge provides a surprisingly secure, simple and inexpensive integrally safety box.




4, Endoscope transport pad   Code: ETP01


Product use

It is used to pack the disposal medical drape and kits after surgery, with the drawstring design which is easy for disposal.

Dimension: 93*100cm with core size: 41*100cm, Paper + PE material 90g

Any customization sizes are available.


Block/ Foam Strips/ adhesive magnet Strip/ clear lid are optional
Ultimate with Safety Needle, Blade removal device and Safety Lock

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