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Safety insulin syringes with integrated needle

Product use
The innovative safety insulin syringe offers comfort and easy insulin therapy

injection. And help eliminate accidental needle stick injury.

Type 1 



  • No gap design guaranteed the complete injection without dead space. 

  • Premium needle quality and silicon-coated to ease skin penetration and minimize pain.

  • Convenient to use, safety mechanism will be activated when the intended dose has been delivered. 

  • Pull back the plunger after injection, the locking ring secures the needle in the barrel of the syringe preventing the reuse of syringes. 

  • Special design can prevent the needle back into the barrel occasionally. 

  • Visual confirmation of safety activation. 

  • Various range of syringes to meet the clinical requirements. 




  • The innovative engineered safety mechanism to potentially reduce the risk of needle stick injury.

  • By pull the safety cartridge to withdraw the needle into cartridge after injection.

  • Easy to lock by rotating the safety cartridge.

  • Low dead space minimizes medication waste.

  • Triple sharpened needle guaranteed the sharpness.

  • Clear graduation to guarantee the accuracy in small dose injection.


Using step

  1. Peel open the package and take out the syringe, ready for use.

  2. Extract the medication and pull up the safety cartridge to protect the needle, keep them at the surgical tray and ready for injection.

  3. Pull back the safety cartridge and inject the drug medication by pushing the plunger.

  4. After the injection, pull up the safety cartridge again to cover the needle tip to avoid the injury risk.

  5. Rotating the safety cartridge until final locked with an audible “click” which activating the ultimate safety mechanism.

  6. Dispose the syringe in trash bin.

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